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We have all done it.

We have all stared many many hours on end at our computer screens, smart phones, tablets, and televisions.

I for one cannot count the number of hours I have spent gaming, and watching videos.
If I bought a new game I would sit there until I beat it. Rather it be one day or a week.
Then after beating the game I would use cheat codes and have fun.

This was the way I played games on consol or computer until I got into MMO's.
Then it was every break I got, soon as I walked in from work, soon as I woke up before I had to go to work and so on.

But alas I am paying for it now with my vision. All of those uncounted hours in that Blue light.

What is Blue light you ask? This site will tell you all about it.

I recently was able to try a couple types of blue light filter glasses from Spektrum Glasses.
I tried the ProSPEK - 50 and the ProSPEK - 99.
I could tell the difference immediately as soon as I put them on.
Besides being very comfortable they cleared up the text on my television (the first thing I looked at).

After that I took them off and went to my computer.
I tried them both while looking at photos, browser pages, card games, and Everquest 1 and 2.
I looked at items without them on and then with each pair to compare the differences.
Pictures looked sharper as well did all text. Colors were sharper, cards looked clearer.
And I noticed things in Everquest I haven’t noticed before.
With all of that being said. After a couple hours sitting there, I was not fatigued nor did my eyes hurt.

I then went into the kitchen and tried them on and looked at labels, recipe book etc.
They even made that clearer for me.

I don’t know if you’re supposed to use them reading books or not but I will be.

Personally they are both great glasses, but for my particular vision at the moment I like the ProSPEK - 50's the best. Don’t get me wrong the 99's are just as great and remove more Blue Light but with my eyesight the 50's made things clearer. I will still use both, for instance the 99's to me were better on White web pages. So they both will have usage in my house.

So it is not too late to start protecting your vision. If you are a computer or cell phone junkie like I am, you need to get a pair of blue light filter glasses.

You can find out how to get your own pair of Spektrum Glasses from here They are great people to deal with and treat you as a person, not a dollar sign.

You can't tell me food is easy to afford

With food prices going up every day and the government trying to cut Food Stamp cost in half, and food pantries closing everywhere that the economy is moving up and people are doing well.

The government just doesn’t care if Americans eat dinner tonight.

If they did then they would not be cutting Food Stamps etc. from the budget so they can line their pockets a little more.

At issue right now is the Farm bill…

The government says it spends 80 billion a year on Snap (Food Stamps) and they want to cut it by 40 billion, and make it harder for Americans to get in the program and stay in it. The same money also pays for Food Pantries (which even I have to use now) and many of them are already having to close because of Snap cuts.

Part of the same bill is dairy… if they cannot work it out milk for exp. Will double and triple in prices. (Atm here it cost $4-5 dollars a gal. for the cheap stuff = $9-15 dollars after Jan. 1st if not fixed)

Then there are articles in the News like this…

Nearly a dozen road kill permits issued in Montana

State wildlife officials said they weren't sure how much interest there would be in salvaging road-killed animals for food, but with 11 permits issued in the first two days they were available, clearly the interest is there.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman Ron Aasheim tells the Missoulian three permits were requested for animals killed in Flathead County, with one each issued in Missoula, Broadwater, Jefferson, Madison, Powell and Lewis and Clark counties. Two elk, one mule deer and eight whitetail deer were claimed between Monday night and mid-day Wednesday.

People wanting to salvage deer, elk, antelope or moose killed by vehicles must apply for a free permit within 24 hours and must remove the entire animal.

People are urged to use caution in determining if the meat is safe to eat.


This even proves people cannot afford to buy the food needed to survive on and feed their families. I mean yes it’s a good idea instead of the meat rotting. Most states have laws preventing you killing (road kill) and animal and taking it home you will be arrested for it, instead they (fish-game) take it off or let it rot.

The sad thing is that this will continue to get worst over time. It will be harder and harder to feed yourself and your family.

So invest in a garden (indoor, outdoors, pots etc.) some livestock if you can and be ready for it. Look in our library for gardening and livestock how to’s.


Be Ready for it…



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