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Mr Beams Lantern

I received a Mr Beams™ UltraBright LED Lantern with USB Charger MB480 from Mr Beams™.

Here is the site description:

Mr Beams™ UltraBright LED Lantern offers 260 lumens of bright white led light.
Our first portable LED product with manual ON/OFF switch.
This product takes the standard lantern to the next level with USB charging port to charge USB devices.

You can use regular or rechargeable batteries (I recommend rechargeable).

I have used it outside and inside so far, and on the Bright setting it throws out a Lot of light.
The dim setting is like a good nightlight (for going to the outhouse etc.)

The USB charger is a very nice added feature, as you can use it on your phone, music player, camera etc.

It has a led low battery indicator that is very handy.

You can use it upright as a standard lantern, or you can flip it and use it (with or without the shield) as a hanging lamp.
It is water resistant - even the USB port has a rubber plug.
The only real weight to it is the batteries.

You can see the unpacking, demo and night demo videos I made on our YouTube channel.

It is a very nice product, and they have a lot more different items to choose from as well - all LED.
So check out their Site at Mr Beams™

And once again thank you Mr. Beams for sending it to me.


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