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I had to laugh at this...

I had to laugh when I read this article...

Scientists developing laser that could control the weather

The second and last sentences tell the WHOLE TRUTH about what they are trying to do.

"It might soon be possible, if researchers at the University of Arizona and University of Central Florida's College of Optics & Photonics are successful in developing a high-energy laser that could, in theory, induce rain or lightning when pointed at clouds."

This one saying, "induce rain or lightning when pointed at clouds."  We all know they only want the later part to be created.

"According to a report published in the journal Nature Photonics, the beam would be able to activate static electricity in the clouds, creating storms on demand."

This sentence made me laugh the most saying that electricity makes rain. From my understanding and unless the text books have changed sense I have been to Science class.  In that Rain is the result of the water cycle, where water evaporates from large and small water bodies into the atmosphere. Clouds have tiny droplets of water and when those droplets grow too heavy, they start to fall. If the drops are big enough to last until they reach the ground, it rains.

"While it might sound like a pipe dream, the federal government is interested in the idea. The development of the cloud-laser technology is being backed by a $7.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense."

The last few words Tells It ALl, "grant from the U.S. Department of Defense."  The DoD could care less if it rains or not, but if they could make intense lightning over the enemy then that would be something.

So once again the Powers that be are playing God and expect us to roll over and let them do it.

The entire article can be found here.

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