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Food Pantry


After finding myself between jobs, fighting unemployment for benefits and being turned down for food stamps because I'm white (yes the lady flat told me that but its not worth the fight). I have come to realize that I need help with food and my bills.

I am not one to ask for help with anything, if I can not do it, or get it myself I usually go without. It is time to put my pride away (it really isn't pride per say but rather, "I just don't feel right asking for help").

One of my neighbors was talking about these "Food Pantry’s" the other day and we went to one today. First off a "Food Pantry" is usually a church or other organization that give away food to whom ever needs it, they go by what they have and how many in your household.

Well I being the honest one just claimed myself being I'm single. They give me a little box which is fine, I am happy to get what ever I can. Then I noticed other people I know (most of which are single or living alone) going out with multiple boxes or very large boxes, and I wonder what gives. I look on the sign in paper and see their names and see how many they are claiming - one claims 3 another 5. I'm thinking to my self, "You dogs, lying like that and in a church no less."

I went to another church the next day (they all have there own set days and times), and I am behind this woman. She tells the lady doing the paperwork that she all of a sudden got her 11 grandkids staying with her and she walks out with 5 banana boxes double filled. I walk up to the paperwork lady and just claim myself and I receive a small tomato box filled with mostly condiments, a dozen eggs - most of them smashed and a few other items.

The sad truth is all these churches are trying to help people in need, yet most of the people going in them are lying just to get something for nothing. Then when someone like myself come in truly needing some food, we don't receive hardly anything not to mention most of the churches only allow you to go there once every 3 months.

I am not putting down the churches they do there best and volunteer there time and money to help others. It would be nice if they could control it better to stop the freeloaders so everyone got a fair share. Either way I am very thankful they are there doing it regardless of the outcome, every little bit helps.

I will add links to the link page in the forum incase anyone needs their help or would like to donate to them.

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