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Snowstorm slams NE

Did you prepare for it?

From FoxNews, "A storm that forecasters warned could be a blizzard for the history books began clobbering the New York-to-Boston corridor on Friday, grounding flights, closing workplaces and sending people rushing to get home ahead of a possible 1 to 3 feet of snow.

From New Jersey to Maine, shoppers crowded into supermarkets and hardware stores to buy food, snow shovels, flashlights and generators, something that became a precious commodity after Superstorm Sandy in October. Others gassed up their cars, another lesson learned all too well after Sandy. Across much of New England, schools closed well ahead of the first snowflakes"

This like any other bad weather is why you should really be prepared my friends.  There is no reason to have to rush and run around like a chicken with its head cut off to get the items you need to protect yourself and your family or just to survive.

You know it is coming, yet like most people we wait until the last minute to run get what we need.  When we show up at the store, we then have to fight for what we want, if it is even still on the shelves (most likely not).  We say to ourselves, "If only I would have gone to the store three days ago when the first warning was given that this storm is coming."  Or better yet. "I wish I would have used our checklist to prepare."

You already know from Katrina and Sandy that the Aid you will need after the disaster may not even come, or it will be so little and so late that it doesn’t matter anyway. 

My friends you need to get a check list (Mine or any other) and get prepared today!!  Do not wait until the last minute.  Don't let your family go without food or water for days.  Do not wait on the government to help you days or weeks after the disaster.

So before the next disaster strikes get a check list (mine is free to the right, almost any will do but make sure it is complete) and get prepared now.

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