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Sandy is an example of why you need a Checklist

With evacuations ordered for hundreds of thousands, states of emergency declared up and down shoreline as Sandy could be largest storm ever to hit U.S.

The items you need to survive are Flying off of the shelves at an unbelievable rate!

If you had your Check List in hand and stocked up on the items in that list, would could be ready to Survive for the next 72 hours plus. You could be getting your house and family ready while everyone else is are at the stores, fighting for this and that.

I also call your attention to some of the items that are flying off the shelves:

  • D Batteries
  • Snacks – Not good to try to survive on.
  • Water
  • Flash Lights
  • Generators
  • Can food
  • Frozen foods - and if power goes out (which it will) what then?
And just about anything else people can grab and throw into there baskets.

Most people will not be able to find the items they need to survive on now (It is too late), you may be able to find a few items here and there or people sitting on the side of a road selling them at 100’s and 1000 times cost. Also do not forget most roadways will be closed for safety, so you may not even be able to get to a store if they are even open.

But if you had your check list filled and ready you will not have to go thru all of this. You might have to get a couple items you are low on or just a few extra items.

While you are out in the yard double checking to make sure everything is ready and watching your neighbors running to the stores to hopefully find something, you know you are ready and safe and that your family will not go without.

So make sure you have your Check List and if not get it now for the next time you have to survive or evacuate.

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