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Isaac following Katrina


Isaac missed Florida for the most part but still caused a lot of damage.

Now it looks like it is following the path of Katrina.  Let's hope everyone is getting ready for it and they all have their B.O.B.'s ready to go.  I seen on the news that for the most part it looks like everyone is getting ready for it and/or Bugging out.

On a good note,,,It looks like it will only be a Catagory 1 instead of the strong 2 they were estimating.  Yes I know a Cat.1 is still bad, but it means 8-12 foot surge instead of 20+ feet.  It can still change being it is still 2 days out, let's hope not for all of them people.

We know F.E.M.A. will probably mess it up again, but we can hope they do better.

I see another system is coming off of Africa and looks like it will follow Isaac's path, lets hope not or if it does that it doesn't build up.  We will know more around Saturday.

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