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This can happen to you today

If something like this storm hits you today. Will you be in the shoes of these people or will you be ready?


By Eric Baculinao, F. Brinley Bruton and Alexander Smith, NBC News

MAGALLAN, Philippines - Hungry survivors searched the wreckage of their typhoon-hit communities five days after the most violent storm known to have hit land tore through the central Philippines.

“We are not looters, what we were looking for is food,” one desperate man said as he searched the remains of a food warehouse in the fishing village of Magallan on the hard-hit island of Leyte.


Some eight soldiers in the back of a military truck appeared to ignore residents clambering out of the rubble carrying canned food, bags of rice and bottles of water. And in a nearby checkpoint, soldiers waved through residents carrying bags of rice.

While the government deployed the military after reports of looting, some officials seemed to be taking a tolerant view toward those taking food.

The mayor of Tacloban, a city of some 220,000 flattened by 235 mph winds and tsunami-like storm surges, said it did not surprise him that desperation had sparked violence.

Five days after a typhoon struck the Philippines, causing widespread destruction and a massive death toll, the recovery efforts in the hardest-hit cities continue.

“You have to understand that people here show … some violent actions because they're hungry, because they're thirsty,” Mayor Alfred Romualdez said. “It's not because they want to harm anybody.”

Most of Tacloban's stores remained closed and malls and shops have been stripped of food and water.

Desperate survivors had been breaking into fast-food shops and destroying ATM machines throughout the disaster zone, according to Philippine broadcaster GMA News.

More than 9 million people have been affected across a large swath of the country, and many made homeless.


And it wasn’t only residents who were struggling to stay alive in the midst of disaster. Government officials were among dead and missing, according to Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas.

Some officials were simply too grief-stricken to show up for work, he said, adding that just 20 of Tacloban’s 293 police officers had shown up for duty.

One of the most powerful storms ever recorded killed hundreds of people in the central Philippines, with huge waves sweeping away entire coastal villages and devastating the region's main city.


Philippine Army Captain Ruben Guinolbay told Reuters in Tacloban that the only branch of government working in the ruined city was the military.

"That is not good,” he said. “We are not supposed to take over government."

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima said the government would have difficulty enforcing the law in some areas, according to GMA News.

“There's a lot of sensitivities involved here,” she said. “Application of laws should thus be tempered with compassion, mercy or liberality.”

Reuters and The Associated Press contributed to this report. NBC News' F. Brinley Bruton and Alexander Smith reported from London.


A few things for sure that have happened and are happening in this news article will be different in the US:

1.       The military here in the US will not stand by and watch people look for food, they will arrest and/or shoot you on the spot.

2.       The statement about taking over the government would prove a lie here in the US, they would and will if they needed to.

3.       Some officials tolerant toward taking food…Here you would be arrested or shot.

Even though you would like to think of the instant help from the government you would receive it just will not come or will come late.   Look back to Katrina and Sandy if you need to refresh your memory. Look back at Houston (I cannot remember which storm it was) where they just let truck loads of ice melt, sent back supplies etc, instead of handing them out.

One way you could prepare yourself (say if a storm like this or Andre happens and levels everything) is to have a buried Cache somewhere you can get to. If you bury it and protect it from water damage or whatever you and your family will be eating while others are looting stores or going without.

Yes this is a terrible thing to have happen to anyone (and our prayers are with these people) but you HAVE TO protect your own. You HAVE TO provide for your own.

So let this terrible damage be a wakeup call.

Let it teach us all a lesson.


Be Ready for anything!!

Snowstorm slams NE

Did you prepare for it?

From FoxNews, "A storm that forecasters warned could be a blizzard for the history books began clobbering the New York-to-Boston corridor on Friday, grounding flights, closing workplaces and sending people rushing to get home ahead of a possible 1 to 3 feet of snow.

From New Jersey to Maine, shoppers crowded into supermarkets and hardware stores to buy food, snow shovels, flashlights and generators, something that became a precious commodity after Superstorm Sandy in October. Others gassed up their cars, another lesson learned all too well after Sandy. Across much of New England, schools closed well ahead of the first snowflakes"

This like any other bad weather is why you should really be prepared my friends.  There is no reason to have to rush and run around like a chicken with its head cut off to get the items you need to protect yourself and your family or just to survive.

You know it is coming, yet like most people we wait until the last minute to run get what we need.  When we show up at the store, we then have to fight for what we want, if it is even still on the shelves (most likely not).  We say to ourselves, "If only I would have gone to the store three days ago when the first warning was given that this storm is coming."  Or better yet. "I wish I would have used our checklist to prepare."

You already know from Katrina and Sandy that the Aid you will need after the disaster may not even come, or it will be so little and so late that it doesn’t matter anyway. 

My friends you need to get a check list (Mine or any other) and get prepared today!!  Do not wait until the last minute.  Don't let your family go without food or water for days.  Do not wait on the government to help you days or weeks after the disaster.

So before the next disaster strikes get a check list (mine is free to the right, almost any will do but make sure it is complete) and get prepared now.

Sandy is an example of why you need a Checklist

With evacuations ordered for hundreds of thousands, states of emergency declared up and down shoreline as Sandy could be largest storm ever to hit U.S.

The items you need to survive are Flying off of the shelves at an unbelievable rate!

If you had your Check List in hand and stocked up on the items in that list, would could be ready to Survive for the next 72 hours plus. You could be getting your house and family ready while everyone else is are at the stores, fighting for this and that.

I also call your attention to some of the items that are flying off the shelves:

  • D Batteries
  • Snacks – Not good to try to survive on.
  • Water
  • Flash Lights
  • Generators
  • Can food
  • Frozen foods - and if power goes out (which it will) what then?
And just about anything else people can grab and throw into there baskets.

Most people will not be able to find the items they need to survive on now (It is too late), you may be able to find a few items here and there or people sitting on the side of a road selling them at 100’s and 1000 times cost. Also do not forget most roadways will be closed for safety, so you may not even be able to get to a store if they are even open.

But if you had your check list filled and ready you will not have to go thru all of this. You might have to get a couple items you are low on or just a few extra items.

While you are out in the yard double checking to make sure everything is ready and watching your neighbors running to the stores to hopefully find something, you know you are ready and safe and that your family will not go without.

So make sure you have your Check List and if not get it now for the next time you have to survive or evacuate.


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Are you Ready?

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