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I will try to post anything I feel needs to be talked about into these blogs.

We will review supplies, gear, tactics, preparedness and disasters. If you would like an item/product reviewed let us know.  If you have a review of something feel free to post it into the forum.

These blogs are for information only, they are not a know all - be all source.  Check out the forums for post as well.  Also please note if you want an article posted to these Blogs then please E-mail it to me or Post them in the forum under "Suggestion Box > Web Site > Web Site Articles" (add "- blog" to the end of your subject title).

Note: I will not be placing an article into the Blogs to promote your website.

If you want an item/product mentioned in the Blogs then please send it to me so that I can review and test it and I will be more then happy to place all the item infomation and link backs to your site for the item in the article.

Any items/products you may send to me to review or preview for you, please state if the item is to be returned (you pay the shipping/postage).
If not stated to return, I will assume it is mine to keep and do with as I please.
Items will be reviewed for craftsmanship, durability, design, usefulness, ease of use, and practicality. 
Then rated on a 1-5 scale (1 = Do not bother with this item to 5 = You have to get this item now). 
Rating will be fare based on my handling, testing and using the item/product, and most important will be based on my opinion rather or not I would go out and buy the item/product myself.
If any problems arise from a product I will first contact you (the sender) and we will see about working through it before I post on the problem.  Remember stuff happens and it would not be fare for me to mention a defect that arose from shipping or handling instead of from the item/product itself.  The problem will be mentioned in the review but also cause and action to fix the problem.

So lets get your items/products reviewed so you can move them off the selves. The reviews will be linked to from our forums, facebook and twitter.

The forum also has a blog system I put in place for you (members) if you wish to keep a running blog that way.

Enjoy the Blogs.



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