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Satureja Hortensis - Summer Savory

Characteristics:Narrow, dark green, spice-scented leaves on low, bushy plants up to 18 inches high. They are topped with tiny, pale pink flowers in summer.

Growing Information: Plant summer savory in well-drained, moderately fertile soil and full sun. Space plants 12 inches apart. To ensure fresh summer savory all season, start a second crop in early summer for late harvests.

Propagation: You can start summer savory from seed, sowing it outdoors in spring. Or start seeds 4 to 6 weeks early indoors.

Possible Problems: Prevent root rot by providing good drainage.

Harvesting and Using: Harvest summer savory as you need it. The rich aroma will be most intense just before the plant flowers. Use it fresh or dried for a pleasant sweet, spicy flavor to beans, vegetables, meats, pastas, and rice. You can also use the leaves in tea.

Related Herbs: Winter savory (S. montana) is grown as a perennial in zones 5 to 9. It has foliage similar to summer savory but is spicier and evergreen in mild climates. The plant forms a mat 12 inches high. White flowers appear in late summer. You can propagate winter savory by layering or cuttings. A low-growing form, creeping winter savory (S. montana 'Procumbens'), is also available.

Summer Savory

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